Tax Law and Tax Planning


Tax law matters are an integral part of business decision-making.

Tax law and practice change constantly. Thus our tax experts keep a close eye on the development of both national and international tax legislation and court practice.

We offer our clients expert advice and tax planning in the fields of company and private taxations, capital and property tax issues as well as in matters concerning fund transfers, manufacturing, real estate and value-added taxes. International taxation and customs matters belong to our services as well. It is also very important to have focus on taxation matters during every transaction. Taxation is an important part decision-making in business. Our tax experts offer our clients practical tax solutions which support their business in an all stages of the entrepreneurship.

We advise and assist

Both the seller`s and the buyer`s tax effects need to be carefully assessed when M&As and business rearrangements are made. Advance planning ensures maximum tax security and optimisation. We also advise and assist our clients in tax audits, make complaints and get preliminary rulings for them.

Our global contact network is available for our corporate and private clients. All cross-border arrangements involve essential tax matters. Investment in Finland call for an evaluation of the appropriate financing alternative and the creation of a profit-sharing scheme. Likewise, several important tax matters need to be assessed when a company wants to expand its business abroad. For example pricing, selection of domicile and the taxation of the target country have to be considered.

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