IPR and Technology


Nowadays it is essential that a company protects its intellectual property rights, know-how and trade secrets with various kinds of contract arrangements.

Our services cover all IPR matters. Our lawyers advise and assists clients in protecting their intangible rights and in minimizing the risks involved. They also help to licence and commercialise those rights, as well as assist in various litigations, if needed.

With the help of their wide experience, our lawyers assist our clients with patents, trademarks, copyright, company names and domain addresses. We aim at thoroughly understanding the technology that our clients use. This helps us when we negotiate about different kinds of licensing, financing and M&A arrangements, make registration applications and assist our clients in patent, trademark and copyrights trials.

IPR and Technology

We assist several IT and biotechnology companies in their daily legal questions. We offer our clients tailored services in the fields of IT, technology and Life Sciences. Our services include negotiating and drafting software design and R&D contracts, as well as contracts relating to technology transfer, distribution and licensing and other IT and other technology contracts. These contracts deal for example with e-commerce and privacy protection.

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